01 Presentation

PERFUM.COM specialises in the creation, production and marketing of fragrance compositions.

It all began in 2007 in Neuilly-sur-Seine when a design studio was set up by perfumer Raphaël HAURY. A year later he bought and modernised the production unit of Grasse Senteurs, a company in Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey, focusing his efforts on the equipment for creating and manufacturing fragrances, aspects relating to legislation, quality control and IT infrastructure.

Our expertise lies in our passion for the finest raw materials and our ambition to source the highest quality from the best suppliers, so as to offer our customers quality creations, resulting from a labour of love.

PERFUM.COM is made up of a young, dynamic and dedicated team, which is fully committed to meeting the high standards expected by customers.

PERFUM.COM also explores new opportunities to be ever-more effective and respond to its customers’ demands as precisely as possible. We therefore work with a number of specialist consultants, with a professionally-recognised level of expertise.
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02 Creative freedom

PERFUM.COM’s key strength: a human and creative approach at the heart of creativity.

The perfumer is responsible for and master of his olfactory palette. Inspecting and selecting only the finest raw materials at source guarantees him complete creative freedom.

This freedom allows us to restore perfume’s full creative diversity and so offer our customers original compositions which gratify the senses… and the essences.

PERFUM.COM specialises in the composition of fragrances for all markets, but its particular speciality is the bespoke creation and development of compositions for high-end perfumery.

All our creations are the result of a unique and targeted development. The perfumer works in real time, at customers’ request, and all formulations are adjusted according to their tastes, the market and legislative constraints in force. Our approach guarantees the development of exclusive fragrances.
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03 Proximity

PERFUM.COM is a modern structure on a human scale. The flexibility of our organisation allows us to remain very in touch with our customers. We listen to their expectations and needs and work to foster a long-term relationship of trust.

This close relationship is encouraged by:

tire A direct personal relationship with the perfumer (no intermediary)
tire Exchanges between the customer and the perfumer during the creative process
tire Quality advice and support in the choice of fragrance

In addition to our vocation as a perfumer, we can also:

tire Offer you a responsive and high quality marketing service, accompanying our creations with a unique and tailored sales pitch
tire Help you in your search for licences or brands to develop
tire Introduce you to the best manufacturers of glass, pumps and packaging, to facilitate the finalisation of your project.
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