01 Quality control

PERFUM.COM’s first priority is to source the finest quality raw materials.
Selection of suppliers is at the heart of our quality approach.

They are chosen according to the highest standards in order to guarantee:

tire A policy of transparency and traceability
tire Consistent quality
tire Long-term availability
tire Access to the best innovations (e.g. CO2 extractions, COLORLESS, etc.)

This commitment to quality is also apparent in our specialist knowledge of international legislation.
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02 Production unit and logistics

PERFUM.COM has a 1000m2 production unit, perching at an altitude of 800m in the town of Saint-Vallier de Thiey, just outside the famed French perfume centre of Grasse.

We process your orders within a maximum of 10 working days.

All batches purchased are inspected olfactively and analytically. The same applies to creations.

The first creation is subject to a consultation between the perfumer, the assistant and the preparer, in order to optimise the order of formulation, the stirring time and the creation quality.

We can therefore guarantee that fragrance deliveries correspond to the submitted sample selected by the customer. If we encounter any problems with raw materials, however, we undertake not to change the formula in any way without notifying the customer, ensuring complete transparency.
03 Quality and Regulations

Perfum.com is a member of Prodarom

PERFUM.COM is also rooted in modernity and its powerful computer equipment ensures the utmost efficiency in managing purchases, formulations, international quarantine legislation, creation and shipping.

This very elaborate system is also used in the management of legislative constraints and compliance with regulations in force.

PERFUM.COM undertakes to provide the best quality:

tire All batches awaiting analysis are systematically placed in quarantine
tire Best before dates and supplier batches are optimally managed
tire We have a hot room and a cold room.
tire All raw materials and creations are subject to chromatographic, spectrometric and physical and chemical analysis.

Our applications laboratory produces reliable fragrances, tested and assessed using suitable equipment to guarantee the best possible result.